First Time Buyers


First Time Buyers

first time buyers

First Time Buyers - Welcome!

We see numerous first time buyers on a daily basis and they all have the same fears of buying the right first instrument. It doesn't matter what instrument they are looking for this is a special time and it should be kept exactly that SPECIAL!
When purchasing an instrument always make sure who ever is showing you the product CAN PLAY IT ! Big box stores, pawn shops, grocery stores, auto parts, computer/electronic stores and the internet are not places you want to be looking. They tell you and advertise they have a superior product at a much reduced price. If a music store will not carry a particular product then maybe the product is not worth carrying. Most of the music stores you will go into really do care if you get the proper instrument for yourself or that someone special! This is how musical retailers have stayed in business as long as they have by treating customers with respect and caring about what is just right for them. So do not be afraid to go and ask a reputable music dealer for advise.

Buying on Line

Buying on line may seem like a great idea and yes it might save you hours of driving around but the instrument you choose may not be exactly what you hopped for and you may be very disappointed in what you end up with. If you think you are getting a great deal on line then check with your local music store to see if they carry something comparable and will price match . When you buy on line you won't get the service or the warranty protection you deserve. Always Try before you buy!

Big Name Brands

Big name brands are NOT necessarily a great deal, many of them today are not even made by the people they profess to be, or of the same materials they once were . So don't be afraid to look for quality in other brand names found on the market today. You will find other brands today are being made by the same manufacturer who is making the new "BIG NAME" brand and are exactly the same instrument for about a third less the price, again ask your local music dealer. Remember just because it was the product of yesterday does not mean it is the same product of today!

Where to Look

Ask around in your local area and find out who is reputable and go and talk to them, remember your local music store will know how to play it, set it up, clean it, store it, tune it etc. They will be able to give you the reasons why one instrument is better for you than another. Always " Try Before You Buy ! ".


A new instrument always has a better warranty than a USED one. When you buy an instrument who is going to be responsible to fix it ! Always have them write down what your warranties are, never take a verbal commitment from anyone. If they will not write down what your warranties are and sign it then I would suggest you are in the wrong store. Any reputable music store will always be glad to give you the name of the owner's, manager's and their contact numbers (cell and office) , if not then I would not be dealing with that store for any reason.
"Music is a gift do not let anyone spoil it for you".

Outside of Canada

On purchases outside of Canada, these items have to be returned to where they were purchased by the purchaser at the purchasers expense. These are the manufactures instructions not ours.

In Canada

On purchases within Canada, you must take them back to the store you purchased them at so that seller can warranty the item.
A Little Tip; If you do come across a problem at a music store let the owner's or manager's know! This will keep the line of communications open and allows for problems to be corrected efficiently and to keep your buying experience a good one.


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