Piano Tuning


Piano Tuning


Piano tuning is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of an acoustic piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune. The meaning of the term 'in tune', in the context of piano tuning, is not simply a particular fixed set of pitches. Fine piano tuning requires an assessment of the vibration interaction among notes, which is different for every piano, thus in practice requiring slightly different pitches from any theoretical standard.
Pianos are usually tuned to a modified version of the system called equal temperament.
In all systems of tuning, every pitch may be derived from its relationship to a chosen fixed pitch, which is usually A440, the note A above middle C (261.626 Hz). Piano tuning is done by a wide range of independent piano technicians, piano rebuilders, piano-store technical personnel, and hobbyists.
Professional training and certification is available from organizations or guilds, such as the Piano Technicians Guild. Many piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned twice a year.

Academy Of Music - Music Centre offers fine piano tuning services born from a passion for music. Properly tuned, a piano can create some of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear, and playing a piano that is in good working order can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing activities you'll find.
Your Qualified Piano Tuner, Service Technician, Bob Persall , Piano Refinishing, 4th Generation Tuner Since the 1890's. Bob has been offering Professional Piano Tuning, Regulation and Repair Services in our area for over 20 years. Feel Free To Contact Bob Persall for all your piano tuning services.
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